Yavuz Alüminyum San. Tic. A.Ş. started its aluminum billet continuous casting activity with 600 tons monthly in Istanbul / Kaynarca in 1992 by Mustafa Yavuz. 
Then it started to operate with 4000 tons / month capacity in 4500 m2 area by moving the facility to Istanbul / Hadımköy in 1995 with the aim of meeting the needs of aluminum market which is developing speedily in the best way. 
There had been 4 melting ovens and one homogenization oven within the factory until 2004.

The years of 2004 and 2005 turned out to be the investment years for Yavuz aluminum. 
It increased its capacity up to 5000 tons by installing 3 30 tons new aluminum melting oven, 3 30 tons homogenization ovens and cooling and Wagstaff Shorcast Airslip casting system donated with the advanced technology in 2005. 

Following those investments starting Aluminum billet exports with the demands received from abroad, Yavuz Alüminyum produces aluminum billets for 20 countries especially for Greece, Serbia, Slovenia, England, Italy, Germany and Dominica.
The following investment plan of Yavuz Alüminyum is to activate the aluminum billet production factory with 10.000 tons capacity of which construction has been completed in Çorlu.



In order to gain value for our business partners;To become preferred supplier of our customers by providing fast production, quality and right price combination, leave a inhabitable world for the future generations through sustainable production methods, create a modern and safe working environment for our employees, to obtain the excellence in each operation of our business, and strengthen YAVUZ ALÜMİNYUM brand with our each activity.


To taking place in the leading position in aluminum billet market in our country by activating our new factory in the sector in which we operate. .