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Aluminum Billet Continuous Casting

Yavuz Aluminum has started its Aluminum billet casting activities in 1992 by Mustafa YAVUZ in Kaynarca/Istanbul with capacity of 600 tons per month.

3 years later, in order to meet needs of rapidly growing aluminum market Yavuz Aluminum facilities are moved to Hadımköy/Istanbul in 1995 and capacity increased 4000 tons per month on a 4500 m2 area.

There were 4 melting furnaces and 1 homogenization furnace in facilities until 2004.


Alüminyum Billet

Wagstaff Shorcast Airslip Casting System

2004 and 2005 were investment years for Yavuz Aluminum. 3 Melting Furnaces ( 30 tons each), 3 Homogenization Furnace, Cooling Cabinet and Wagstaff Shurcast Airslip technology were purchased in 2005. With incrasement of capacity to 5000 tons, Yavuz Aluminum has started exporting to 20 countries (UK, USA, Canada, Brasil, Russia and more). 

In 2021, Melting Furnace (50 tons) and Homogenization Furnace (40 ton) are added to facilites, with this improvement capacity increased to 9000 tons per month. Yavuz Aluminum also has another facility (10000 tons per month capacity) whose construction has just been completed in Çorlu/Tekirdağ .


The facility is currently leased to another company. Next invesment step for Yavuz Aluminum is movement to the new facility in Çorlu for higher manufacturing capacity.

Our Mission
  • In order to gain value for our business partners;
  • Our missions are to provide high quality products to our customers as soon as possible, to keep and improve World to the better place for next generations and to create safe and modern working environment for employees.
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Our Vision

We will be known as trusted Aluminum raw material producer and leader in our country.


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