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Mold Maintenance


Molds main routine maintenance processes are changing graphite rings, transition plates, seals, painting etc. Molds which ready to use are held for next casting. Molds are checked by inspection of billets during each casting, in case of an undesired situaiton molds are taken from tables and under maintenance. Original Wagstaff graphite rings are used to provide desired quality.


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Raw materials are melted until certain temperature in tilting reverberatory furnaces. Chemical composition of melted metal is inspected with ARL Metal Analyzer by taking sample from homogenously mixed melted metal in furnace. Alloying process (Si, Mn, Mg, Cu, Cr) is continued until needed values are reached. Pre-refining process is completed with nitrogen and dross maker flux.

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Facilites have 4 Batch Type Homogenization Furnaces (30 tons each) and 2 Cooling Cabinets (30 tons both). Homogenization process is crucial for extrusion. This process consists 4 hours of heating to 580 °C and 6 hours of holding at 580 °C. Main purposes of homogenzation are getting rid of concantration differences of dendritic structures and eliminate unstable phases.

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Quality Control


Chemical compositions of billets are inspected in all processes of casting. When casting ends, surface quality is checked. Billets with low surface quality are marked and split. Billet diameters are measured after every casting.When homogenization ends, samples are taken from billets to inspect in metallography laboratory. 

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Section Unit


We can cut in desired lengths in line with the customer's request. We have 3 automatic saws.

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Sawing & Packing


There are 3 automated billet saws in our facilities. Billets are packed on wooden wedges with steel strips in sizes and quantities requested by customers. Once packing is done, lot numbers as cold stamped and analyses are added to packs.

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