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Raw materials are melted until certain temperature in tilting reverberatory furnaces. Chemical composition of melted metal is inspected with ARL Metal Analyzer by taking sample from homogenously mixed melted metal in furnace. Alloying process (Si, Mn, Mg, Cu, Cr) is continued until needed values are reached. Pre-refining process is completed with nitrogen and dross maker flux.

Once temperature and analysis values are reached, melted aluminum starts to move in trough to the degasser. Melted metal goes through CFF (Ceramic Foam Filter, Sivex Lp Grade 40) to the table. Wagstaff Shurcast Airslip casting technology is used for casting.

Billet alloy ranges include 1xxx series, 5xxx series and 6xxx series. Billet diameter ranges are Ø100, Ø114, Ø120, Ø127, Ø140, Ø152, Ø155, Ø178, Ø203, Ø216, Ø229, Ø254.


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