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Aluminium Billet Production
Aluminium Billet Production

Knowing that higher quality billets help to extend the life of an extrusion die and deliver improved yield and recovery rates

Aluminium Billet Production
Aluminium Billet Production

In order to gain value for our business partners;

To become preferred supplier of our customers by providing fast production, quality and right price combination, leave a inhabitable world for the future generations through sustainable production methods, create a modern and safe working environment for our employees.

Modern and safe working environment

To taking place in the leading position in aluminum billet market in our country by activating our new factory in the sector in which we operate.

Strong and high quality Yavuz Aluminum brand
Alüminyum Casting Line
European EN AW quality standards.

The Yavuz Alüminyum Casting line uses a fully automated computer-aided, hot top air slip casting system to control the casting process and produce exceptionally superior quality aluminium billets that adhere to the highest European EN AW quality standards.

Yavuz Aluminum
Aluminum Billet sector by directing our activities with Environment!

Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems in an integrated way to specify preventive approaches which will develop our performances.

Thanks to the ultrasonic test unit integrated into the production line, produced aluminum billets are fully controlled and transferred to the Extrusion Plant after ensuring that there are no central cracks or capillary voids.

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